What is Bride Bootcamp?

Developed over 15 years of ministering to women, Jackie Dorman’s tried and true Bride Bootcamp method has empowered women to find confidence, find community, and find love. Exclusively on lovestories.com, this revolutionary educational program is available to women around the world who are committed to getting out of their own way and are ready to begin writing - and living! - their own love story.

What's included in Bride Bootcamp?

Your 30-day membership includes 12 video sessions with Jackie, which will guide you to lifelong discovery, peace, and love. You will learn to discard the past that has been holding you back so that you can build yourself a fulfilling and amazing future.

The 30-day Bride Bootcamp also includes:

  • 2 interactive live sessions with Jackie and your classmates,

  • 4 interactive live sessions with your personal Peer Coach,

  • 4 Bonus Sessions, and

  • 9 Worksheets that will prepare you to unpack your heart boxes and become the person that God means for you to be!

Bride Bootcamp is a lovestories.com Premium Series, which means that a payment is required in order to access it. The cost to enter a full 30-day Bride Bootcamp is just $497, or it can be unlocked with two separate payments of $257 (the first payment due before the Bootcamp begins, and the second due on day 30).